How Long Will The Effect Of Gorilla Tobacco Disappear?

Illustration of How Long Will The Effect Of Gorilla Tobacco Disappear?
Illustration: How Long Will The Effect Of Gorilla Tobacco Disappear?

Hello, I’m Christian. I have a boy friend, he is shy to ask about how long the hanoman tobacco substance will dissolve? He is not an active user, but because of association he is forced to try, but thank God he does not feel addicted and regret that he will not try again even if he is forced, does the effect disappear for how long?

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Hanoman tobacco is a kind of cigarette but it contains synthetic marijuana ingredients, namely extracts of wild dagga, tobacco and cloves. The effects of hanoman tobacco are thought to be more dangerous than ordinary cannabis. One resilient hanoman tobacco substance will react in the body for about 15 minutes in the form of ngefly, hallucinations, become calmer, and so on. However, the effects of this drug will dissolve in the body while available sources say it will disappear in 9 hours. After 9 hours, side effects will appear in the form of drowsiness, nausea, depression, dizziness, excessive pleasure, vomiting, rash, respiratory failure, bluish to death.

After using this drug once, sources found say that the user will be able to experience immediate dependence, the effects felt from hanoman tobacco are known to be 10 times that of ordinary cannabis.

Readable source:

1. Crazy ... The Effects of Tobacco- Gorilla 10 - Times - From - Marijuana -

2. through-sapan-tobau

Instead, to reduce side effects and prevent dependence, you can bring your male friend to consult a psychiatrist so that rehabilitation can be needed if needed.

Suggestions that can be made to prevent repeated use:

1. protect yourself from improper associations or invites things that are not good and not true

2. strengthen the determination not to repeat using the hanoman tobacco

3. do a lot of activities that are preferred (hobbies) to reduce the desire to use tobacco hanoman

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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