How Many Days Has The Cotton Been Replaced After Tooth Extraction?

Illustration of How Many Days Has The Cotton Been Replaced After Tooth Extraction?
Illustration: How Many Days Has The Cotton Been Replaced After Tooth Extraction?

I want to ask Brapa the day to replace the cotton extracted teeth. And how many days from the first cotton extraction removed and what if I already replace the cotton 3 times and after the cotton is worn out what if I don’t use cotton again

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Hello Den, thank you for the question.

Tooth extraction is a medical procedure to remove damaged teeth in accordance with the indications. After tooth extraction, the gums where the teeth grow are injured due to the tooth extraction process which will cause holes in the gums and bleeding. Normally, bleeding will stop shortly after the extraction and the tooth extraction holes will close again, on average within 1-2 weeks and close completely within 1 month, but the length of time for this healing varies each individual, depending on several things, such as the patient's health status, type of extraction, and the presence of complications such as infection or not. The better the patient's health, the faster the healing process. During the healing process, epithelial cells will gather in the gum area with holes to close the gums and prevent rebleeding. To prevent and stop bleeding after extraction, the doctor will usually cover the tooth extraction gums with a cotton swab. Cotton can be removed if bleeding from the gums has not occurred again and should be replaced if the cotton is full of blood or felt long enough in the gum, there is no time limit on when the extraction and every how many hours the cotton must be replaced, it should be adjusted to the comfort and condition of the patient. In addition to bleeding, after tooth extraction, swelling and pain often occur, but it usually stops within a few days. Therefore, you should follow the advice given by the doctor and regular consumption of drugs, ice packs on the side of the face of tooth extraction to reduce pain and swelling after tooth extraction, can be done for 30 minutes, especially in the first 24-48 hours, rinse with water salt after 24 hours after tooth extraction, don't be too strong because it can cause rebleeding, rinse 4-5 times a day, especially after every meal and before going to bed, avoid brushing teeth on the injured gum especially in the first 24 hours, eating nutritious food, avoid foods that are too warm, sticky, spicy, too hard, or foods that are hard to chew, avoid products that are caffeinated and alcoholic, avoid cigarettes, and are advised to eat / drink rather cold to stop bleeding. If bleeding complaints still occur after a few days of extraction or other complaints after extraction felt very overwhelming, you should immediately consult a dentist.

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