How Much Time To Rest For Typhus?

Illustration of How Much Time To Rest For Typhus?
Illustration: How Much Time To Rest For Typhus?

hello I want to ask .. I have just been exposed to typhus and this is often sring I think it has already been released and it hasn’t been done yet + mlm winds up .. and now I have smashed it for the second type … so the recommended rest for the typhoid patients for the day so I can go to college?

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Typhus is a condition where there is inflammation of the digestive tract due to salmonella typhi infection. This is generally related to eating patterns and poor hygiene of food.

Generally, recovery of symptoms will occur within 2-3 days after receiving therapy, but recovery will only occur until 5-7 days later. After symptoms improve on day 3 you are generally safe to carry out lecture activities or return to work, but of course it needs to be remembered to keep limiting strenuous activities so that the body does not get tired

Some tips for you:

Maintain food hygiene and food environment Limiting strenuous strenuous activities Maintain a regular and nutritious diet Increase fluid intake Increase fiber intake such as fruits and vegetables Sleep and adequate rest No smoking Do not consume alcohol If your complaints do not improve or you are worried you should check yourself to the nearest general practitioner to get further examination and treatment related to your condition

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