How Often Are You Angry About Depression?

Illustration of How Often Are You Angry About Depression?
Illustration: How Often Are You Angry About Depression?

if often very little “dizzy continue to get angry “, frustrated at a certain thing including depression? If you are depressed can you take depression medication GK?

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Depression is one of the mood disorders or moods that can affect the mindset and power of everyday life. Symptoms experienced by a person can vary, but in general depression has 3 main symptoms, namely:

Feelings of sadness, depressive or depressed Loss of interest and enthusiasm, Becoming easily tired And accompanied by other symptoms:

Reduced concentration and attention Feelings of guilt and worthless Sleep disturbed Self-esteem and self-confidence decrease Doing acts that endanger yourself or suicide Pessimistic Decreased appetite Anger and anger are negative emotions that naturally occur in everyone. If you experience this does not mean you are depressed. Negative emotions occur naturally in certain situations or for certain reasons. But if you tend to get angry and upset to endanger yourself or others, or the condition is disrupting your daily life and interactions with others. You should consult further with a psychologist or a psychiatrist for further management. In addition, anti-depressant drugs should be avoided without doctor's advice, the use of these drugs requires supervision from a doctor.

Handling given to someone with depression should be given by a psychiatrist if necessary or if you experience depression after an examination by a doctor. In addition to antidepressants, doctors will also provide other therapies in the form of psychotherapy and so on. However, if these feelings occur for a clear reason and occur only occasionally, these conditions are reasonable conditions that can be experienced by everyone. And usually do not need special handling.

What needs to be done is how you can regulate these emotions so as not to disturb your health and mind, here are some tips you can do:

Doing relaxation activities to deal with stress, such as yoga or pilates. Exercising regularly, exercise is known to produce hormones to make a person's mood more happy. Enough sleep, which is at least 8 hours per day. Avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking Maintaining friendship by visiting friends or relatives Tell a problem that you are facing to people you trust such as parents, siblings, or close friends Reduce social media use. Stay away from people who have a bad influence on you. More articles on: How to Control Your Emotions

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