How Often Can You Consume Bitter Melon Juice And Beet Juice?

Illustration of How Often Can You Consume Bitter Melon Juice And Beet Juice?
Illustration: How Often Can You Consume Bitter Melon Juice And Beet Juice?

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Need to be clarified, how old are you now? Are you male or female? What was your exact blood sugar last time? Is the examination done during fasting or not? Are there any specific treatment suggestions suggested by doctors?

Hemoglobin (Hb) is a protein in red blood cells that is responsible for delivering oxygen to tissues throughout the body, and carbon dioxide to the lungs. Normal Hb levels can vary depending on age, sex, and other medical conditions. Normally, in adults, Hb levels can range from 12-15 g / dL in women and around 13-17 g / dL in men. Low Hb levels are called anemia. This condition can occur due to iron deficiency, lack of folic acid, bleeding (such as excessive menstruation, bloody bowel movements, vomiting of blood, recurrent nosebleeds), chronic diseases, spinal cord abnormalities, destruction of excessive red blood cells in the spleen, and so on. Treatment for anemia can vary depending on the severity, causes and medical conditions of the sufferer in general. In more severe cases, the doctor can also do a blood transfusion so that anemia is resolved.

In line with Hb, even normal blood sugar levels can vary. If the examination is carried out during (GDS) or 2 hours after eating (GD2PP), then the normal value should not exceed 200 mg / dL. However, if the examination is carried out after fasting (GDP), then the normal value should not exceed 124 mg / dL. Is it true that your blood sugar level is higher than this value?

High blood sugar levels are often found in people with diabetes. Diabetes can occur due to various factors, including heredity, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, aging, metabolic disorders, and so on. Handling for diabetes is mainly done by giving anti-diabetes drugs, can be drunk or also injected into the body. The selection of the right type of anti-diabetes medication needs to be discussed directly with the examining doctor. In addition to taking medication, diabetes needs to be treated with dietary adjustments, lifestyle modification, as well as maintaining an ideal body weight to avoid the risk of dangerous complications.

So far, there are not many scientific sources that prove the effectiveness of consumption of bitter melon juice and beet juice to overcome anemia and diabetes. Therefore, we are not authorized to explain to you in detail as to what the processing method is, the maximum dose, and how the possibility of interaction between the two if taken together. In general, if you do not experience any complaints after consuming the two juices, this is not dangerous for you. But still, so that your anemia and diabetes are treated properly, you should not just rely on the consumption of the juice alone. Check yourself directly to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that it is given the right treatment.

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