How Old Can A Baby Stand Alone?

good night, my child is 14 months old but he does not want to stand on all fours or not, but he can sit but I help him sit, but if you lie down kick your legs strong, if you are invited to stand, your legs will be lifted up but do not want to go down, gimanaya? by the way, it’s still difficult, even blabbering, it’s unclear, at best you can also call “mam ” / “want “.

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Child development is indeed diverse in every child where there are some children who can do things faster such as standing, walking, talking or some are slower. however, if it is deemed growth and development is quite far from his age, it needs special attention and also further examination so that immediate handling.

The age of a child to be able to stand varies from the age of 6 months, some babies can hold a little weight with their feet and 6-9 months of age the baby can start climbing to the wall or holding on to the edge of the bed to try to stand. If until the age of 14 months, the child is still having difficulty standing, then it should be examined by a pediatrician or an examination at the nearest health center so that stimulation, detection and early intervention of child development (SDIDTK) where if deemed growth and development are not in accordance with the child's age an attempt will be made to stimulate both the active role of parents or referral if necessary by an expert medical intervention. several factors can be the child can not stand one of them is the result of being freed often carried, lack of stimulation for development, child nutrition factors, or children are afraid to try to stand up or other habits such as the use of child aids. when sitting or sleeping

Strive to always monitor the child's growth and development both on physical growth through height and weight checks, good cognitive, motor, communication and social development of children, one of which is routinely conducting checks at the nearest posyandu.

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