How Old Does The Womb Have Amniotic Fluid?

Age in the womb there is amniotic fluid

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Amniotic fluid is a liquid that surrounds the baby in the womb during pregnancy. Amniotic fluid has the function to protect the fetus from impact, provide space, prevent infection, support the development of the lungs, digestive system, muscles and bones.

At the beginning of its development, before being formed into a fetus, the fetus will have several layers which will later develop into the structure of certain organs, including the amniotic sac which is the final form of folds / layers of the fetus that merge into one to form the amniotic sac. This process lasts from 12 days to 4 weeks after fertilization, and the sac will be filled with fluid from the mother's body in small amounts. At the 10th week, the fetus begins to produce its own urine which will be released into the amniotic sac, and this urine is the most important source of amniotic fluid, together with fluid released from the lungs. This amniotic fluid 98% consists of water and electrolytes, and the remaining 2% consists of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and hormones.

Amniotic fluid is often an indicator of pregnancy observation based on volume. Usually obstetricians will assess their volume by using ultrasound to determine whether there is little or too much amniotic fluid, which can indicate certain diseases, such as disorders of kidney formation, disorders of the gastrointestinal blockage, and others.

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