How Old Is The Baby Safe To Travel By Plane?

, how old can a baby ride on a plane? taking into account the organ’s readiness and overall health. For example, are the ears and lungs able to accept enough changes in air pressure?

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Hello Erninta, thank you for the question.

Until now there are actually no standard guidelines regarding the safe age of babies on a plane. Some airlines may apply a minimum age for babies which may be different for each airline. To know this, you must ensure that the airline is concerned.

Baby's readiness to travel by plane actually depends more on the baby's health condition, not the baby's age. If your baby is born full term, normal weight, not moderate or has a history of severe illness, then your baby should be safe to travel by plane.

The thing you should pay attention to is that when traveling by plane, the baby must be free from infection or inflammation of the ear and respiratory tract. If your baby has an infection in both organs, then you should postpone traveling. Ear and respiratory tract infections can cause inflammation of the eustachian tubes, so the baby's ears cannot adjust to pressure, resulting in severe pain and the risk of ear drum tearing.

After making sure the baby is healthy, the next thing you do is give the baby a drink when taking off and landing. This is because the swallowing motion will help the tube to close and open.

You do not need to worry about changes in lung pressure, because all commercial aircraft use a pressurized cabin, so the atmospheric pressure in the cabin will not change.

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