How Old Is The Fetus Visible When On Ultrasound?

Illustration of How Old Is The Fetus Visible When On Ultrasound?
Illustration: How Old Is The Fetus Visible When On Ultrasound?

,I want to ask. I was pregnant 3 times, the first child died at the age of 3 months, due to umbilical hernia, my second pregnancy was sentenced to BO and finally curetted, now I am 7w pregnant, but yesterday when ultrasound there was a difference of 1 week, the ultrasound results showed my pregnancy was new 6w, and the fetus hasn’t been seen yet, only the bag, I’m afraid it’s like a pregnancy that has happened again, because already I haven’t had a live child. I have never kept any animals at home, but during this pregnancy I often experience morning sikness, and body weakness. So at what age do I have to have another ultrasound, where the fetus can be seen? Thanks.

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Hello Fatwa,

We understand your concern. When pregnant, one of the examinations performed by the doctor is an ultrasound examination. From an ultrasound examination, the development of the fetus can be seen including the condition of the fetus, placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid.

In early pregnancy, usually only the gestational sac appears. At times like this, doctors usually ask pregnant women to return to control 2 weeks later to see the progress. If necessary, the doctor will also provide medicines such as pregnancy supplements and womb-strengthening drugs. Furthermore, when the control is done, the doctor will perform another ultrasound to see the progress of the pregnancy. If you don't see the fetus either, the doctor will ask the patient to control again in the next 2 weeks. After the fetus is visible, the general practitioner will ask the pregnant woman to control once a month or to adjust it if the pregnant woman has any complications or special conditions.

Generally, the fetus will appear on ultrasound examination from 6-10 weeks of age. This can be different for each pregnant woman, depending on the following conditions:

Types of ultrasound: transvaginal ultrasound will be able to see the fetus faster than ultrasound in the abdomen
The accuracy of the ultrasound device
Ultrasound operator / examining doctor
The shape of the uterus
Other factors: thickness of abdominal fat, presence of uterine fibroids or myomas, or an empty or full bladder during examination

For now, try not to worry first, you should continue to think positively, not stop praying, and follow your gynecologist's recommendations by meeting your nutritional and body fluid needs, eating healthy and nutritious foods, and getting enough rest. If you are getting pregnancy supplements, take the supplements as directed by your doctor.

Usually the obstetrician has told when the pregnant woman will control again. If yesterday there was no control schedule notification, you can control it to your obstetrician about 2 weeks from the previous control so you can see the progress of your pregnancy. Also discuss with your obstetrician about your previous pregnancy history so that further tests can be done if needed.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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