How Old Is The Month The Premature Baby Can See?

Illustration of How Old Is The Month The Premature Baby Can See?
Illustration: How Old Is The Month The Premature Baby Can See?

Hello doctor, I am the mother of a premature baby. Briefly, my baby could be born prematurely because I told (Amniotic rupture) when 32 weeks of pregnancy with 1.6 kg of birth, my baby was born on June 2, 2019, which should be HPL July 31 2019, 8 weeks faster right? My baby was in an incubator for 6 days, and there was also given oxygen for 3 days. Now my baby’s eyes are still not focused at all, I’ve been stimulated by asking him to play with brightly colored rattles. , communicating face to face, but there has been no response either, there is even a turn away face, and sometimes it becomes crying. I still do not understand about ROP in premature babies, which is sometimes often discussed by people about premature babies. Are there any basic features of ROP infants,? Please input. Thanks

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Hello Winaa,

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Indeed, one that is often feared to occur in premature babies is retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). This condition occurs when there are blood vessels that abnormally grow in the retina of the eye (the tissue behind the eye that is in charge of receiving the sensation of light, then sends it to the brain so we can see). Impact, the baby can be very awkward eyes and eyesight. ROP is more common in babies born very young (at less than 32 weeks' gestation), babies born with LBW (low birth weight babies), babies need to receive additional oxygen therapy after birth, also babies born with anemia, vitamin deficiencies E, or other respiratory disorders.

ROP should not be diagnosed carelessly. The doctor himself, to evaluate this condition need at least a few weeks to several months (generally 4-6 weeks) before finally being able to determine the appropriate treatment. The ROP is clinically indeed going to make the baby very impaired vision, including less respond when there is light entering his eyes.

You also need to know, that the ability to see babies is not obtained instantly, but develops gradually. Normally, most babies as young as 10 weeks are not clear at this time, and are also not able to distinguish many colors. If your baby is born prematurely, this development of vision can take place more slowly. So, the current condition is not necessarily including ROP. It is possible, the condition is only a natural development variation.

It's better if you don't worry too much. Check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that he can be evaluated more deeply through an objective examination. That way, the doctor can certainly give him the best management as needed. In most cases, ROP can heal on its own as the baby's age increases. However, in some conditions, there are also ROPs that need further treatment from a doctor so as not to continue to serious complications, including blindness, for example by laser, frozen surgery, or administration of special drugs. After handling to prevent any dangerous complications, some babies with ROP need to get additional treatment, for example by giving glasses early, giving special eye drops, patching the eyes, or even surgery.

At this time, you just need stimulation and your baby's vision development by asking him to play a lot, introduce various types of objects with a variety of colors. Give baby toys according to their age, avoid giving gadgets too early.

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