How To Add Fragrance To A Hand Sanitizer

Good morning, doc. I want to ask, how do you add fragrance to the hand sanitizer that you made yourself? Because I want to make it myself. Can you use essential oil? And is there any effect, such as if we add fragrance can reduce the concentration of ethanol, or reduce the nature of H2O2. Please enlighten the doc. Thank you.

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Basically, the manufacture of hand sanitizers is a technical process that requires the procedure of making products in accordance with SNI standards for hand sanitizers. So, I do not have the competence in giving advice on making independent products, namely hand sanitizer products. However, the principle of making this product and using it is a minimum of 60% alcohol content. This 60% alcohol is the standard set for hand sanitizer products that will be used to function as a holy pest or kill Germ.

Even if you have to make it yourself, you should get a document that contains manufacturing procedures from the authorized body to provide an explanation of how to make a good hand sanitizer. If you have obtained the document, then some additional material can be given for certain purposes, however, make sure these additives are safe to use for hands and when in contact with food.

If you want to add perfume or fragrance or fragrance oil to a hand sanitizer product, you should consider side effects on the skin, such as:

Skin irritation
Redness of the skin or inflammation of the skin
Pain in the skin
Respiratory tract irritation

So that if you can avoid using perfume, it would be better to prevent the risk. This perfume can also be in the form of essential oil, where the oil is volatile and gives a strong odor. When in contact with skin, essenstial oil can have almost the same effect as inflammation of the skin. However, not everyone will get rid of side effects, but only a few people. If you made this product for yourself, then you can evaluate the use of the product you made. However, if you make this product for mass production and market it, then you can consult your local health department to discuss the manufacturing of this product. This will relate to the production permit of the product that you made. So by consulting the local health department in the licensing section of medicinal products, then you will get guidance and supervision for the production process of this hand sanitizer.

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