How To Administer Iron Vitamins

Illustration of How To Administer Iron Vitamins
Illustration: How To Administer Iron Vitamins

Afternoon doctor, would like to ask whether the provision of children’s iron vitamins (ferlin syrup) can be mixed with drinks such as turmeric drinks, brown sugar? I don’t want to at all, I’m forced to cry instead of being scared and even traumatized … So I want to try to mix it into her favorite drink … is it possible doc? Thank you

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Good night. Thank you for asking

Iron is an important type of supplement for the body especially for the production of blood cells where this will be important for preventing anemia. This can be obtained from foods such as beans, meat, tempeh, brown rice, and green vegetables.

If still lacking can be helped with supplements and should not be used simultaneously

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Anti-thyroid medication
Milk, tea and coffee
Processed milk

Where in general would interfere with the absorption of iron but related to the use of turmeric, turmeric itself contains iron, vitamins, copper and potassium so that until now there is no abstinence to be used and consumed

Thus information may be useful

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