How To Advise Children Correctly If He Is Too Active?

Illustration of How To Advise Children Correctly If He Is Too Active?
Illustration: How To Advise Children Correctly If He Is Too Active?

The doctor wants to ask .. my child is 2 years and 6 months .. but he is very active with my husband and I beat it .. How do I tell the child so that the child obeys ..

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Being a parent is indeed a difficult responsibility, especially when dealing with children when they are still at an age where they cannot distinguish between good and bad, cannot read the situation, and still cannot fully understand the meaning of our words.

Even so, you still have to be patient and try to see things from the bright side. If your child is active, it means that he is indeed an energetic and curious child. Look at it from that side, and try to keep it busy doing something you can control. For example, make a room at home as a playroom, put all his toys in there, and keep everything that could endanger him. You don't need to worry about him running around because that one room is meant for that.

Then, you also have to pay attention to nutrition. Reduce sugar consumption, and divert activities in a more positive direction, such as cycling outdoors, playing with friends in PAUD, and various other ways that would actually be more appropriate if you find yourself. Because every family certainly has a uniqueness and ways that are not always suitable for use by other families. Whatever it is, don't yell at your child, don't scold him, and don't make him afraid of you in the future. Because you can apologize, but who knows what the consequences have been for the delicate and fragile mentality.

If it turns out that all efforts have been made and your child is still too active, take him to a child psychologist to find out, if there are certain medical conditions that cause it, such as autism, or hyperactivity disorders. If this is the case, certain therapies may be needed to overcome the condition. So, hopefully answering your question.

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