How To Avoid Enlarging Keloids In The Chin?

Illustration of How To Avoid Enlarging Keloids In The Chin?
Illustration: How To Avoid Enlarging Keloids In The Chin?

Hello I am a girl of 20 years old. I did laser in my chin area 2 months ago. From the laser, I developed a wound which has now become a keloid and has been there for 1 month. What should I do so that the keloid can shrink? How long does it take? Can keloids be washed with facial soap? May I cover it with a mask? Because it’s quite large, it’s about 2x3cm. What should be avoided? Can it get bigger? If so, how to avoid enlarging keloids? Can treatment really be done using garlic? How many times do you need to use an injection? Thank you, sorry many questions have been asked ㅜㅜ it has been a concern for a long time

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Hello Kim,

Thank you for the question.

Because of genetic predisposition, some people can indeed experience keloids after recovering from wounds or inflammation in the skin, including after undergoing laser therapy. Keloid itself is formed due to scar tissue that grows excessively to expand beyond the size of the original wound or inflammation of the skin. This condition is actually not dangerous, but it certainly can be very disturbing appearance, especially if it is located in a part of the body that is easily visible to others, such as the chin.

Keloids generally cannot disappear by themselves. In the medical realm, keloid treatment can be done by excision surgery, corticosteroid injections, frozen surgery, laser surgery, silicone gel applications, fluorouracil injections, and so on. Each of these types of treatment certainly has its own potential risks. Even after handling it, it is not impossible that keloids appear repeatedly. Therefore, before treatment, the doctor needs to evaluate first, how disturbing the keloid is, and the greater the benefits compared to the risks that arise if the treatment is carried out. No keloid sufferers need and suitable to be treated by injection. Therefore, the number of times this keloid injection needs to be done will certainly be different depending on your condition.

The good, if you feel very disturbed by keloid on your chin, check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist at the nearest health facility.

There are no specific steps that can be done to naturally shrink keloids. However, by not holding, poking around, or exfoliating excessive keloids, you can prevent these keloids from being infected secondary and also not growing bigger. No problem you clean the keloid and the surrounding area with facial soap. It also doesn't matter if you want to cover it with a mask. However, we recommend that you do not carelessly apply garlic to the keloid because in addition to not being proven to overcome keloids, this action also risks triggering skin irritation that can actually aggravate your keloid.

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