How To Build Enthusiasm For Friends Who Suffer From HIV / AIDS?

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HIV infection is an infection that attacks the sufferer's immune system. This disease is transmitted through body fluids such as blood contact, sexual intercourse, and from pregnant women to the fetus they are carrying. This infection still cannot be cured but there are treatments that can slow the progression of the disease.

People living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) can feel that they always want to be alone, it could be because they are still in the acceptance stage of their condition, considering that there is no cure for this disease. In addition, the community's stigma and discrimination against HIV / AIDS sufferers is still very strong, most people think that PLWHA is infected with HIV / AIDS because they do things that are not in accordance with community norms, even though this is not necessarily the case. It could be that he contracted it because of an accident while doing work or other possibilities.

For that, what can be done as someone who is close to PLWHA is to provide support by not judging and stigmatizing him, keep asking about the news / stay in touch as appropriate, and not moving away from him. Support the treatment and ensure that PLWHA can still be productive and live like people without HIV as long as they routinely control their situation to the doctor and take medication on time. Do not avoid PLWHA because HIV is not transmitted just by meeting and talking. HIV can be transmitted in the following ways, so it's best to avoid these things:

1. Unsafe sex (not using a condom, having multiple sex partners, not knowing the HIV status of the sex partner).

2. Use of a syringe together with the patient.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

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