How To Build Muscles And Shrink Cheeks?

Illustration of How To Build Muscles And Shrink Cheeks?
Illustration: How To Build Muscles And Shrink Cheeks?


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In contrast to women, who are more prone to obesity in the buttocks, thighs, and calves, men are more prone to fat deposition in the abdominal area, which makes them look distended. This condition is also influenced by a variety of other factors, such as genetics, activity and exercise, diet, general health conditions, and other diseases, for example if you have impaired heart, kidney, enlarged liver, spleen, intestinal obstruction, intraadomenal tumors, metabolic disorders, and so on.

In line with the above, excessive fat deposition in the cheek area is also influenced by the same variety of factors. Although it often does not reflect a dangerous condition if it does not appear accompanied by excessive body weight (body mass index greater than 22.9), this condition can be very disturbing to the sufferer, including its aesthetic connection.

As a first step, you should check with your doctor first. With this examination, it can be ascertained whether obesity in the area of ​​your stomach and cheeks is still part of a normal condition, or indicates a certain disease. Some examinations, including monitoring nutritional status, laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, etc. can also be recommended by doctors so that your condition can be treated appropriately. If there is no specific disease, chances are you will be referred to a nutritionist to be provided with assistance regarding a good diet and exercise pattern so that your body becomes more ideal. Alternatively, your doctor may refer you to a plastic surgeon specialist if you want to get treatment faster.

Meanwhile, you also need to take the following steps:

Live a good diet, eat moderate portions but regularly
Avoid the habit of eating too close to bedtime (maximum dinner at 6 pm)
Actively moving and exercising. Some sports, such as jogging, cycling, lifting weights, floor exercises, yoga, and so on can help reduce a distended stomach. Meanwhile, to make your cheeks look thinner, make it a habit to raise your head a little while sleeping and do facial exercises and facial massages regularly.
Don't be too quiet and doze off
Avoid consuming excessively high calorie snacks
If you feel prison between meals, drink lots of water, consume fruits or vegetables
Don't consume alcohol, stay away from cigarettes

Shrink chubby cheeks

Shrink belly fat

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