How To Calculate Gestational Age?

Illustration of How To Calculate Gestational Age?
Illustration: How To Calculate Gestational Age?

Alodok .. I am Sofie from medanI want to ask, about gestational age .. The last time I menstruated on the 11th day of 25th So now how many months have I entered? And I want to ask again, why did my appetite disappear huh? Continue to see the rice does not like it? Please advise me, what should I do?

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Hello Fia Siregar,

Estimated gestational age can be done based on:

First day of last menstruation (LMP)
Uterine fundus height (top of uterus)
Ultrasound examination

For example you menstruate in November from the 25-30, then your HPHT is November 25, 2019. Based on that HPHT, today your gestational age is 8-9 weeks. Gestational age and fetal age can vary by a little 1-2 weeks. The age of the baby itself will be examined and matched at birth by looking at the physical maturation and nerve of the baby.

At the age of the first trimester of pregnancy (<14 weeks) the mother often feels nausea and vomiting, increased sensitivity to certain odors, and decreased appetite. Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy cause these symptoms. Nausea and decreased appetite are also influenced by metabolic, digestive, and psychological factors in pregnant women. Increased estrogen levels are thought to cause complaints of excessive nausea in pregnant women.

As a result of these complaints in the first trimester of maternal weight gain is generally not much, maybe only 1-2 kg, even those of mothers who experience weight loss. After passing the first trimester, it is expected that the weight gain of pregnant women will be as much as 0.5 kg per week, so that during the month of pregnancy it is expected that the mother's weight will increase by 12.5-17.5 kg from her pre-pregnancy weight (normal weight mothers).

Some tips that pregnant women can do to overcome complaints of loss of appetite in the trimester of pregnancy are:

Drink ginger warm water or other warm drinks that you like / don't cause nausea to you
Meet the needs of 8-10 glasses of fluid per day
If you are sick of seeing rice, please consume carbohydrates in other forms such as potatoes, corn, pasta, and so on. Do not force to eat something that looks healthy, but causes nausea to you. There are many choices of substitute foods that have the same nutrition, so you can adjust it to your condition.
Consumption of food in small portions, but administration can be more often 5-6 times per day
Avoid foods with strong, fatty odor
Adjust the temperature of the food to your liking, some like drinks / warm food, some are cold. Please adjust what does not cause nausea
Providing folic acid supplementation, vitamin B6, and other vitamins that mothers cannot fulfill from food

Take regular pregnancy control to monitor fetal growth and your general health condition. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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