How To Care For The Vagina?

Illustration of How To Care For The Vagina?
Illustration: How To Care For The Vagina?

how to treat miss v for girls who are still virgins so that miss v is good and not black

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Because of its hidden location, often rubbing while walking, and the growth of fine hairs around it, the vagina does often look black. This is actually not always dangerous. But clearly, the color of a blackish vagina can be very disturbing appearance, especially if you are married later.

To help you maintain vaginal health, while improving its appearance, here are our suggestions:

Avoid using pants and underwear that are too tight and hot (such as linen)
Change your pants and underwear regularly, don't use them repeatedly without washing
Every bath and after defecating, clean the genitals using clean water, no need to use deodorizers or other vaginal care products before consulting a doctor first
Shorten your pubic hair regularly
During menstruation, choose pads that have a high absorption, soft surface, and do not contain excessive fragrance or bleach
Maintain ideal body weight to minimize friction around the vagina and groin
Avoid free sex

That's all our explanation. If you still have complaints related to the health of the vagina and intimate organs in the vicinity, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in the skin and genitals huh ..

I hope this helps.

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