How To Change Birth Control From Injections To Birth Control Pills?

At night I replace 1 month of injection with a main pill, my injection expired on Friday 1 March 2019, that same day I immediately took the yellow tablet kb pill which said Friday but Friday which approached the placebo pill, that’s how it doesn’t matter. if I haven’t menstruated but took a special pill when menstruating

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Contraception is a method or tool used to prevent pregnancy, which consists of several types, including injections and pills. Each type of contraception has positive and negative sides, so many women often change their contraceptive methods according to the needs they want.

If you switch from 1 month injection to birth control pills, you can start taking birth control pills as soon as you menstruate the following month or on the schedule you should have the injection the following month. Birth control pills contain two types of pills, namely 21 hormone pills, usually yellow, and 7 empty pills, usually white in color. You can start taking hormone pills and these pills must be taken every day at about the same time.

The pill should be taken from the hormone pills for 21 days followed by 7 empty pills, and the hormone pills to start taking in the first 5 days of menstruation. However, if you have continued taking placebo pills before menstruation, it is okay to continue, but the effectiveness of contraception is less guaranteed.

If it is still unclear, do not hesitate to consult directly with a specialist obstetric and gynecologist to choose the method of contraception that is most suitable for you. As for the things you can do right now are:

- Using other contraceptives such as condoms in sexual intercourse, given the low effectiveness of your birth control pills.

- Take birth control pills regularly, and in accordance with previous hours of taking medication

- If necessary, set an alarm as a reminder to take birth control medication on your cellphone

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