How To Check Sperm Analysis?

Illustration of How To Check Sperm Analysis?
Illustration: How To Check Sperm Analysis?

Afternoon, I want to ask about the results of my sperm check in December 2018 – abstinence: 5 days – length of marriage: 1 year – semen out: 08: 40 – arrives at the album: 08: 50 – 20 minute liquidation – color: pearl white – ph: 8.0- volume: 2.4ml-viscosity: normal-agglutination: negative-sperm concentration: 61.35 million / ml-amount. Sperm: 147.24 million / ejakul-normal morphology: 30% -Motility: 55% -Quick straight: 20% -Lower straight: 35% -Move place: 35% -Move motion: 10% -rythrocytes: 1-2 / lpb- leukocytes: 3-4 / lpb-epithelium: positive-conclusion: TERATOZOOSPERMIAY want me to ask whether my sperm is abnormal? Until 1 year and 3 months ago, my wife has not been pregnant too, Before my ex-wife became pregnant in 2006, and also a wife who is currently PCOS, is my sperm check TERATOZOOSPERMIA heavy or light? Can it be normal again? Thank you before

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Hello Dilan, thank you for the question.

Infertility in couples is said if within a year the couple do regular sexual intercourse and without contraception, but there is no fertilization of ovum cells by sperm cells. Infertility can be caused by disorders of the male reproductive organs, female reproductive organs, or both. Generally in the examination of female fertility, will be assessed the normality of the reproductive organs and the quality of ovum cells. In the examination of male fertility, the normality of the reproductive organs and sperm cells will be assessed.

Sperm analysis is intended to assess the quantity and quality of sperm. Benchmark normal or not the results of sperm analysis, depending on the laboratory that checks. Each laboratory has guidelines for normality that are not always the same. Normal sperm quantity when at least 20 million sperm / ml of semen. Sperm quality is assessed through sperm speed and morphology.

Asthenozoospermia is a condition where sperm movement is not normal. Teratozoospermia is a condition in which sperm morphology is abnormal. Sperm morphological abnormalities are assessed from the presence or absence of deformities in the head, acrosome, midpiece, and tail. Abnormalities can affect one or more parts of sperm. When abnormal sperm cells have the same form of abnormality, it is called monomorphic. If the disorder varies, it is called polymorphic.

Sperm cells that are deformed will have difficulty reaching and fertilizing ovum cells, so the possibility of fertilization is small. Teratozoospermia is divided into mild, moderate, severe. The criteria depend on the guidelines followed by the lab. In mild teratozoospermia, fertilization can still occur. In moderate and severe stages of fertilization generally requires the help of artificial insemination (IVF).

The cause can be genetic factors, the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy drugs, infection of the testes, orchitis, varicocele, testicular trauma, diabetes mellitus, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, psychological stress, exposure to certain chemicals, or use of illegal drugs.

Teratozoospermia may still be cured as long as the cause is not genetic. Therapy according to the cause. For example in people with orchitis or varicocele, then after it is resolved, the possibility of sperm production will return to normal. In people with genetic factors, healing will be more difficult.

It is also possible that infertility experienced, is a combination due to interference with sperm cells and PCOS in your wife. So you and your wife should exercise routine control of the treating doctor. Ask also about the possibility of artificial insemination.

You can try to change your diet and lifestyle. Limit stress, get adequate night rest, try to exercise regularly 3-5 times a week, increase intake of foods containing anti-oxidants and protein, keep body weight within the range of normal body mass index, do not wear clothes too tight, and stop smoking and alcohol.

Thus our review, hopefully helps. Regards.

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