How To Clean The Uterus After A Miscarriage Without Surgery / Curette

Illustration of How To Clean The Uterus After A Miscarriage Without Surgery / Curette
Illustration: How To Clean The Uterus After A Miscarriage Without Surgery / Curette

Hello doc, I am pregnant around the age of 7 weeks, a few days I experience spots spots. I was advised to know the condition of my uterus. And it turns out that there is only a sac in my uterus just a dock, for the baby is not there, I am not recommended for curettage, only given the medicine to strengthen the womb. My question: What should I do to remove or clean the sac in my womb? , dajl is there any other action besides curette dock?

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There is a history of plaque and your pregnancy is 7 weeks old, and the results of an obstetrician's examination indicate a pregnancy bag but there is no fetal development, so this condition is also called an empty pregnancy or a blighted ovum. Blighted ovum is a condition such as pregnancy, both related to complaints and the results of the peck test, but in the development of the pregnancy, no fetal development was found in the fetal sac. This condition is caused by chromosomal abnormalities during fertilization and cell division due to abnormal egg or sperm cells.

This empty pregnancy can be a frequent cause of miscarriage. And this condition is often not realized by the mother, until there is an unconscious miscarriage. The general symptoms of patients with BO or blighted ovum can also be felt can also be unknown. In general, complaints such as pregnant women in general are often complained of, such as:

Nauseous vomit
Frequent urination
Late menstruation
Positive Peck test
Breasts appear enlarged or painful

However, indeed all of the above is an uncertain sign of pregnancy. So that in patients with BO with one or several of the above complaints, after examination by a doctor, it is known that the fetus is not developing or the sac is empty. This can be known between weeks 6-9 at gestational age. So, if you are 7 weeks pregnant, your doctor can re-evaluate 2 weeks or several weeks to make sure. However, if according to the doctor, even the examination results can be ascertained an BO, then the doctor can provide recommendations to shed the remainder of the BO.

To help the BO pregnancy decay process, your doctor may recommend several businesses, such as:

Miscarriages occur naturally, but require more time
With medication, so the rest of the BO can be shed
With curette procedure

Regarding which option is the right treatment for you, it all depends on the doctor who treats you and depends on the results of your discussion with your doctor. This is because your doctor better understands your clinical condition and your general health condition. Thus, your doctor can provide the best treatment for you. This is to prevent the risk of infection and bleeding or other medical risks that are not expected.

Therefore, discuss with your doctor regarding the doctor's plan to help this condition. Thus, it is hoped that all processes will run well and smoothly.

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