How To Continue The Treatment Of Bronchitis?

Illustration of How To Continue The Treatment Of Bronchitis?
Illustration: How To Continue The Treatment Of Bronchitis?

March 16, 2018 I had consulted a doctor of internal medicine because of an illness that I felt like frequent fever, chest discomfort, spinal pain, etc. And I finally rontgent, the result is not enlarged cast, sinues and normal diaphragm, pulmo: rough hili, increased pulmonary tone, no visible movement of imfiltrate. Impression: chronic bronchitis. in the chest during the breathing process. And after the X-ray, I moved the area so that it does not continue to the next examination until now. If I want to continue the examination, I have to see a specialist or general practitioner? And do you have to re-update? Or can you use the x-ray one year ago? Or can I check my blood directly to find out if I have a serious illness? Please step what I have to do, thank you

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Hello Dita.

discomfort in the chest area accompanied by fever can be caused due to various causes, one of the causes can be caused by chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi, which can be caused by various factors such as smoke, dust, pollution, or smoking. Chronic bronchitis can also be a part of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which can cause severe tightness. Corneal bronchitis does not always cause a long-term cough, chronic bronchitis can cause symptoms such as discomfort in the chest, chest tightness, easy fatigue, mild fever, to decreased lung function.

If you have been diagnosed by your doctor as a chronic bronchitis, then you can check yourself directly to the lung specialist doctor, so the doctor can examine your condition further. To stop whether re-x-rays are needed or not, it depends on your pulmonary specialist's examination later. However, your old X-ray is still needed as a comparison. The severity of chronic bronchitis can not be determined by blood tests.

Therefore, check yourself to a lung specialist, yes, later the doctor will provide further examination directives according to the examination required.

avoid exposure to smoke, especially cigarette smoke (whether active or passive cigarettes). Exercise regularly, and use a mask when outside the home.

The following article you can read about bronchitis

may be useful. thank you

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