How To Control Yourself Against Stress?

Illustration of How To Control Yourself Against Stress?
Illustration: How To Control Yourself Against Stress?

Good afternoon, I want to ask the right solution to control oneself that is easy to stress.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Before continuing, we need to set things straight because in your title you call depression. That depression and stress, or depression with sadness, are two different things. Depression is a form of mental disorder experienced by a person, where he feels a sense of sadness that is so deep, that he does not always know clearly what causes sadness, this feeling makes him feel so guilty, lazy to care for themselves such as bathing and eating, decreased desire to talking and interacting, weak, not interested in doing something that was interesting to him, difficult to sleep, can cry alone, so do not rule out the idea of ​​committing suicide, and this happens every day for at least 2 weeks.

So indeed, it is a common mistake if ordinary people are confused between sadness and depression, but the two are still different, and cannot be equated. This must be understood so that no one underestimates those who are experiencing depression because it is equated with ordinary feelings of sadness or stress. For those who are depressed, they are really down and difficult or absolutely can not fight him.

Back to your question, the solution to controlling yourself from stress varies for each person, who works for someone, may not work for others, and vice versa. For example, there are those who deal with stress by going alone, some are venting it by eating as much as possible, there is enough to laugh at, be sincere, and return it to the provisions of religion. Apart from all that, how to deal with one's stress will be directly related to one's maturity.

So what is important is not what the specific way is, but it is how to have maturity in attitude. In this case, one can argue that maturity is determined by age because nothing can defeat experience, or maturity is determined by feelings, and independent thinking regardless of how old. But actually, maturity consists of all these parts, experiences, feelings and thoughts. We must have empathy for other people's situations and conditions, clear thinking in all circumstances, not affected by bad prejudice, and over time, thoughts and feelings will continue to be matured with life experience.

So basically again, there is no way to deal with stress in dealing with stress. Everyone has their own way and that is what you must find for yourself. What is clear, in the process of finding it, you must always include positive attitudes, patience and understanding that all the pressure comes to make you a better person. So, hopefully answering your question.

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