How To Cope With A 2 Month Old Baby Coughing?

Illustration of How To Cope With A 2 Month Old Baby Coughing?
Illustration: How To Cope With A 2 Month Old Baby Coughing?

my child is 2 months old. My son got a cough from his brother. Then now infected like that. But how come in his throat there was a sound like clogged like that. Like coughing up phlegm but getting stuck. R nI ask for a solution.

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The baby's immune system is relatively weak indeed makes it easy to catch the infection from children or other adults who are nearby, not to mention respiratory infections that are characterized by coughing and phlegm throat. Most respiratory infections are caused by viruses. Even so, it is not uncommon for this infection to occur due to bacteria or other microorganisms. When an infection occurs, goblet cells in the walls of the respiratory tract will produce more mucus, thus making the throat phlegm, appearing additional breathing sounds (for example grok-grok like snoring), coughing, colds, to vomiting. This often makes babies feel uncomfortable so they become more fussy and have trouble sleeping. It could also, complaints that arise due to infection will make a baby fever.

However, not only infection, it can also cough and build up of mucus in your baby's throat due to allergies. This allergy is not contagious. But indeed, someone who has a family member with an allergic person will be at greater risk of experiencing allergies. Allergens that trigger allergic symptoms can also be found in the same environment, causing several sufferers to experience similar complaints at the same time or at the same time. It could also be that your baby has a cough due to irritation of his respiratory tract (for example due to smoke or pollution), aspiration (choking), stomach acid reflux, or various other diseases.

Try to see your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician. Through direct examination, doctors generally can provide appropriate treatment so that complaints are reduced. If the cough has appeared more than 1 week, or causes the baby to experience fever, shortness of breath, vomiting, and other severe complaints, your doctor may also recommend that your baby undergo a blood test, x-rays, and other supporting tests.

At this time, what you should do is:

If there are children or other people in the vicinity of infants who are experiencing respiratory infections, keep them away so that they do not come in close contact with the baby the environment around the baby is comfortable, awake to the humidity of the air, not too cold Dry your baby in the morning sun so that the mucus in the airways melts Not carelessly giving medicine to the baby Hope it helps huh ..

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