How To Cope With Foot Pain After A Stroke?

Illustration of How To Cope With Foot Pain After A Stroke?
Illustration: How To Cope With Foot Pain After A Stroke?

Doc want to ask .. What medicine to relieve or to be able to recover from pain / pain in the legs (from the thigh to the toes) after the stroke dock?

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Stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the head is broken or blocked, thereby making the work of cells in the brain become disrupted. Disorders of cells in the brain can eventually cause sensory disorders (such as pain, tingling, numbness), motor disorders (such as weakness, paralysis, asymmetrical face), impaired balance and coordination, impaired memory and speech, and many more other clinical symptoms.

Pain that is felt in the thigh area to the feet in patients with stroke, can occur on the side because of the effects of the disease, can also be due to trigger stroke, for example if the patient also has diabetes. This pain can also occur due to other factors that are not directly related to the stroke, for example due to nerve pain, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, malnutrition, immobility, viral or bacterial infections, and so on. Mental pressure due to stroke healing that requires a long time can also cause pain to feel even more disturbing.

In order to subside, stroke sufferers can take the drug paracetamol first while compressing the warm body parts that feel pain. Not only that, patients should also routinely control their condition to the doctor, neurologist, or medical rehabilitation doctor so that pain and other stroke symptoms can be handled properly, such as by being given drugs, carried out physiotherapy, or also other therapeutic modalities. In order for healing to take place more optimally, patients are also advised to consume foods that contain vitamin B-rich complex, exercise discipline as much as possible every day, do not stress too much or be sad, do relaxation to calm the mind and relax stiff muscles, and discipline also undergo style healthy life every day.

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