How To Cure An Enlarged Ganglion Cyst?

Illustration of How To Cure An Enlarged Ganglion Cyst?
Illustration: How To Cure An Enlarged Ganglion Cyst?

I want to ask my friend who is famous for ganglion cysts and it has been operated on but it continues to grow and rupture on its own, then a few days later it grows again and becomes bigger, is there a way to cure this disease?

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Ganglion cysts are benign tumors that are fluid-filled lumps. Ganglion cysts often occur in the joints or tendons of the wrists and feet. They vary in size, ranging from very small not palpable to quite large, approximately up to 2.5 cm on the surface of the body. It should be noted that ganglion cysts can enlarge along with the amount of movement made in the joints in the area around the cyst.

Generally ganglion cysts do not cause pain, but pain can be quite disturbing when the cyst presses on the surrounding nerves. Pain, tingling, numbness / numbness to muscle weakness can be felt due to nerve compression by ganglion cysts.

Treatment for ganglion cysts is generally not necessary if the cyst is known to be small and does not cause pain or other problems. However, if the cyst causes pain that interferes with several actions that can be taken to reduce complaints and remove the cyst, including:

Immobilization / reducing joint movement around the ganglion cyst: The amount of movement made by the joint around the cyst will lead to enlargement of the ganglion cyst. Therefore, often doctors will bandage the joint with a brance or splint to minimize joint movement Aspiration of joint fluid by taking fluid from the cyst through a needle. Surgical procedure to remove ganglion cysts. Although the exact cause is not known, trauma to the joints and tendons, either physical trauma or post-surgery, can increase the recurrence rate. So that related to complaints suffered by your friends, do not hesitate to check back with the surgeon so that an appropriate evaluation and management plan is carried out.

The following are things that should be avoided to suppress the development of ganglion cysts:

Take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen if the pain is bothersome. Avoid pressing the cyst, because it will damage other structures under the cyst. Avoid breaking the cyst on purpose, as this will increase the incidence of infection.

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