How To Cure Anxiety Disorders After Leaving Epilepsy Drugs?

Illustration of How To Cure Anxiety Disorders After Leaving Epilepsy Drugs?
Illustration: How To Cure Anxiety Disorders After Leaving Epilepsy Drugs?

I was affected by epilepsy about 2 years ago, after taking medicine off I routinely consumed, I became anxious, often scared myself, anxious, short of breath, my mind went everywhere. I thought that it could heal by itself, but instead it got worse especially after hearing that the spread of covid-19 was so fast in Indonesia. I had trouble sleeping, there was a bad feeling in my back neck and my head was dizzy when an anxiety disorder came. I want to know how to cure it, thank you.

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There is a history of epilepsy since 2 years ago, and now you stop treatment of epilepsy, however, accompanying complaints after treatment is stopped you feel especially excessive anxiety, then this condition is probably influenced by the epilepsy drug withdrawal reaction that Adan previously consumed. Epilepsy or also known as Anti-epileptic drugs (AED) is usually indicated or prescribed in patients with epilepsy for a long time. Patients can consume AED for many years, and as the patient's clinical development, if in the year the patient does not experience a history of seizures, then the AED can be considered to be stopped.

However, the termination of the AED cannot be done independently or the treatment of the AED cannot be stopped without a medical decision confirmed by the doctor who treats you. Stopping AED medications without your doctor's recommendation will risk causing side effects of repeated seizure attacks, and one that is at risk is a seizure when you are driving and driving independently. In addition, to minimize other side effects from the termination of this AED, such as anxiety, panic, anxiety easily or to sweat can be a complaint that often accompanies.

So it is necessary to prevent procedures for the emergence of complaints that appear as side effects one of which is to stop the treatment of your doctor's recommendations and plans. Before stopping full treatment of AEDs, neurologists can gradually reduce the dose of AED medications. This is done by controlling the dose of the drug taken until the smallest dose and then stopped, it aims to control the side effects of drugs that are not expected either in the form of repeated seizures or other side effects such as anxiety.

Therefore, for now, you should be able to meet with your doctor if you need to communicate online with your doctor to discuss the complaints you are currently feeling and treatment procedures for a while. If you are in the local transmission area of ​​Covid-19, online communication with your doctor is very helpful in preventing the risk of contact with other patients or contacts outside the home. However, if you are outside the local transmission area and your area is safe from spreading the virus, then you can make an appointment with your doctor to conduct an examination and consultation regarding this complaint. Thus, the doctor can provide references and advice for you in preventing this anxiety complaint from getting more and more annoying. So that this complaint can be controlled but the risk of contact in such situations can be prevented as early as possible.

For temporary treatment and treatment efforts that you can do before meeting a doctor are:

Get enough rest
Avoid conflict
Avoid sleeping late at night
Avoid physical fatigue
Do exercise that you normally do or your doctor recommends
Eat healthy and nutritious food

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