How To Cure Arthritis Of The Knee?

Hello, I want to ask, I am 19 years old, my knees bend, I get sick when fully bended, to squat, you can’t bend it just a little, why? Is arthritis true? This happened because I was in a sitting position when I was pushed to the right place when I was sick, I went to the doctor from the hospital for arthritis, already 2 weeks.

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The knee pain that you are experiencing needs to be explored further. Need to know about since when knee pain is experienced, factors suspected of triggering knee pain, the location of pain experienced, the intensity of pain experienced, whether there are other complaints that accompany (fever, pain, swelling, discharge from the area around the joints, injuries to the area knee), factors that aggravate and alleviate the symptoms you experience, as well as the treatments you have taken to alleviate symptoms.

Pain in the knee can be caused by a number of possible causes, including injury to the muscle, tendon, and ligament areas around the knee joint, bruising or hematoma after the impact on the knee, inflammation of the joint area, gout, degenerative disease of the knee joint, infection in the joints, malignancy in the joint area.

It is recommended to consult a doctor regarding further examination and management. Anamnesis, physical examination (especially assessing knee movements and anatomical structures around the knee) can be performed, or supporting examinations such as X-ray imaging of the knee area if an indication of the examination is found. Can also be referred to a specialist if the medical condition found is a competency of a specialist doctor.

It is recommended not to carry out alternative treatments or sequencing of the area to prevent further injury, not taking medication alone without doctor's instructions, avoiding too much activity or lifting heavy loads, ensuring adequate rest.

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