How To Cure Brain Tumors And Lung Cancer At The Age Of 47 Years?

Illustration of How To Cure Brain Tumors And Lung Cancer At The Age Of 47 Years?
Illustration: How To Cure Brain Tumors And Lung Cancer At The Age Of 47 Years?

Hello, I want to ask how to cure a 47-year-old who has a brain and lung tumor “because the doctor’s verdict cannot be operated or chemotherapy

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Hi Arifwk,

Cancer is an abnormal cell growth because it proliferates quickly and is out of control. Therefore cancer is often referred to as malignancy. Cancer can arise from any body cell. Cancer is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. There are various types of cancer depending on the cell where it was originally formed and each cancer has a predilection in different age groups and treatment steps that vary in each person.

Lung cancer is cancer that occurs in the lung organs, is the number 3 most cancer in Indonesia. At first, lung cancer did not give any symptoms. New symptoms appear when they have reached an advanced stage and in these conditions usually new patients come to the doctor to check themselves, so that treatment is difficult and does not give good results.

Symptoms of lung cancer are:

Long-term cough
Coughing up blood
Hard to breathe
Chest bone pain
Drastic weight loss

Risk factors for lung cancer are smoking, family history of lung cancer, working or living in an environment with exposure to hazardous chemicals, a history of radiotherapy. The diagnosis of lung cancer is aided by investigations such as chest x-rays and imaging such as MRI / CT-scan. Management of lung cancer in the early stages is surgery. The combination of lung cancer treatment then uses radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Each cancer prognosis is calculated using a 5-year-survival-rate. Lung cancer has a 5 year survival rate of 56%, which means that out of 100 people suffering from lung cancer 56 people can survive up to 5 years after diagnosis, while 44 others die within that 5 year period. Lung cancer that has undergone metastasis (spread far to other organs) only has a 5-year-survival-rate of 5 percent, which means that after 5 years of diagnosis only 5 people out of 100 people with lung cancer can survive.

Brain cancer is cancer that is found in the brain. Brain cancer is one cancer that is difficult to handle. Brain cancer can arise from brain cells (primary brain cancer) or cancer cells from other organs (metastasis). Symptoms of brain cancer are as follows:

Headaches that are getting heavier and more frequent
Nausea and vomiting

In addition to the above symptoms, symptoms of brain cancer are dependent on which mass lies in which part of the brain. Other symptoms that can arise are visual disturbances, olfactory disorders, impaired movement or coordination of the body, impaired memory, to changes in patient behavior.

Diagnosis of brain cancer apart from clinical symptoms is through CT-scan and MRI investigations or biopsy by taking cancer tissue in the brain and examined in a laboratory. Handling of brain cancer can be through surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of the three. Because of its difficult location, treatment of brain cancer generally can cause complications such as permanent focal nerve disorders.

Determination of what treatment can be done on patients depends on the stage of cancer found and the prognosis of patients with these conditions. In cancer patients with advanced stage and poor prognosis (high mortality rate), therapeutic treatment to eliminate cancerous masses is no longer effective, so treatment is more palliative. This palliative treatment aims to relieve the symptoms of the patient and maintain the quality of life of the patient. The role of family and friends is very important in helping to provide support for patients. Support for patients can also be obtained from the guidance of social workers or clerics to discuss patient issues and concerns.

If you still have questions about brain and lung cancer, you can consult further with an oncology specialist to get a second opinion from him. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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