How To Cure Cloudy Retinas And Lymph Node Infections?

Illustration of How To Cure Cloudy Retinas And Lymph Node Infections?
Illustration: How To Cure Cloudy Retinas And Lymph Node Infections?

hello my name is pujo … I have a problem topic in my two children. the only one eye disease is a specialist here my murky retinax what can be cured? Jwbx will gradually reduce it. Namax ortu pstix tny clear ehh doctorx even like this what do you want to be referred to Surabaya gt ?! The one who doesn’t want to answer is my question. Because more and more often used drugs, my eyes turned red instead … my second child was diagnosed with glandular cancer but didn’t need to be operated on. with the pre-order yes I also clarified the symptoms then the letters about the diseasex. E jg different answer must be operated gt! So I’m confused, which one is it ?!

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The cloudy retina of the eye can be caused by various things, such as retinal inflammation (retinitis), macular degeneration (retinal center damage), macular holes, diabetic retinopathy (retinal damage due to Diabetes Mellitus), retinal tearing and retinal detachment from the supporting tissue, cancer of the retina , and the formation of thin scar tissue on the retina. Handling of retinal problems that we mentioned, more often done with surgery.

Handling a disease condition besides referring to the official management of the disease, is also always referring to the reaction of the patient's healing process. If the condition of the disease does not gradually improve with optimal treatment in a health service (Hospital), then the Specialist Doctor can refer the patient to be treated in a larger hospital with diagnostic equipment and more complete medical treatment. Specialist doctors who refer patients to a higher level of service, solely to provide optimal health services for patients.

Unfortunately you do not provide complete medical information such as diagnoses and therapies that have been given by Ophthalmologists so far, so maybe our explanation is limited. Then the best step is to re-discuss the diagnosis of your child's eye condition and therapeutic options and where your child can seek treatment so that the healing process can be optimal.

Read more about Retina in this article.

Lymph node (KGB) infection due to the bacterium Tuberculosis is usually indeed treated by administering anti-tuberculosis drugs for a certain period of time. Every few months, the doctor will do an evaluation to see if the condition of the KGB has improved. If the healing process is considered less than optimal, the doctor may suggest a surgical procedure to remove the gland and then perform a tissue examination of the KGB (excisional biopsy). FNAB is a Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy, a biopsy technique using thin needles. The FNAB technique is usually done using local anesthesia. It is the specialist doctor who treats your child directly who can explain in detail, what surgical actions suggested by him and the purpose of the action. Read here about Biopsy.

During treatment, make sure your two children get balanced nutrition and are accompanied so as to lead a healthy lifestyle. Follow the doctor's advice and arrive on time according to the doctor's recommended control schedule.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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