How To Cure Diabetes At 38 Years Old?

Illustration of How To Cure Diabetes At 38 Years Old?
Illustration: How To Cure Diabetes At 38 Years Old?

Morning doctor I want to ask right now there are many pedometers on foot

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Diabetes is a condition where the body has difficulty controlling blood sugar levels, so often the blood sugar of diabetic patients becomes more than normal. Blood sugar levels can be known by blood tests, namely when blood sugar tests (GDS), fasting blood sugar (GDP), blood sugar 2 hours post prandial (GD2PP), and the HbA1C test.

If you do a blood test without fasting first, chances are what is done is a GDS test. The normal GDS test is 80-120 mg / dL, but when done before bed normally it is around 100-140 mg / dL. To diagnose diabetes it is not enough just to check GDS.

Have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes or have just had a GDS test once? Do you consume drugs? If you have just done a GDS test once and the results are 225, you should first consult a doctor directly so that further tests can be done to confirm your diagnosis of diabetes.

The doctor will conduct anamnesis and physical examination to find out whether there are symptoms of diabetes and perform a supplementary examination with a GDP, GD2PP, and re-examination of GDS tests. If there are symptoms of diabetes (eg frequent urination, frequent thirst, frequent hunger, weight loss) accompanied by a GDS of more than 200 mg / dL, a GDP of more than 126 mg / dL, and a GD2PP of more than 200 mg / dL, a diagnosis of diabetes can be established . After confirmed confirmed, your doctor will provide the right treatment for you, both with medication, insulin therapy if necessary, as well as changes in healthy lifestyles and eating patterns for diabetic patients.

However, if you have previously been diagnosed with diabetes and have taken medication routinely, you should continue to consume diabetes medication according to the doctor's recommendations and control the doctor who treated you before so that the doctor can evaluate the treatment that has been done and can determine further treatment that is more optimal for you.

Meanwhile, to support blood sugar to be more controlled, you can do the following tips:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, protein from whole grains, and low-calorie and low-fat foods. Avoid foods that are high-sugar or too sweet. Exercise regularly. Maintain a more ideal body weight Get enough rest Routine control to the doctor Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and reduce caffeine. For a pedometer, a pedometer is a tool for counting the steps of people walking or running. Pedometers may be used, the aim is to help motivate more routine exercise. However, sports for diabetic patients not only by running, diabetes patients can also do a variety of other sports (according to ability, not strenuous exercise), such as yoga, diabetes exercise, cycling, and swimming.

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