How To Cure Diarrhea?

Illustration of How To Cure Diarrhea?
Illustration: How To Cure Diarrhea?

How do I deal with diarrhea that is 4x a day back and forth toilets. Continue to nausea, hot and not powered also sick body. Initially there were only symptoms of heat in diarrhea now. Please help, especially tomorrow I want to go to school.

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Diarrhea can be caused by several diseases, including:

1. Viral infections: viral infections of the digestive tract most often occur in children. A common viral infection is accompanied by a fever that has high direct temperature, nausea and vomiting

2. Bacterial infections: Bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract occur due to eating unclean food, characterized by defecation accompanied by mucus or blood.

3. Food poisoning: Food poisoning usually occurs if you have eaten food that cannot be eaten as if it has expired, or has become stale. Usually attacks many people who have eaten the same unhealthy food.

To find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of complaints that you feel, you should immediately consult a specialist in internal medicine.

If you feel very weak, sunken eyes, tears do not come out, pee into a little, always feel thirsty, the possibility of dehydration, so it must be immediately taken to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Prevention can be done:

1. Eat healthy, clean and nutritious food

2. Washing hands before and after eating

3. Avoid spicy, sour, and unclean foods

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