How To Cure Eczema On The Feet?

Illustration of How To Cure Eczema On The Feet?
Illustration: How To Cure Eczema On The Feet?

Hi,. I want to ask. since my KKN in Gunung Kidul, I suffer from eczema in my legs. the water is not clean there, because the water is lime water .. first it only appears 1 on the leg, continues to appear in the stomach and other parts of the leg. The eczema is shaped like a scab, a type of wet eczema, frequent discharge, even bleeding. I’ve been to 5 different dermatologists, and haven’t recovered yet. I don’t know what the cause is, it doesn’t hurt, but it feels very itchy, especially at night, I want to sleep. after being given ointment for several months, finally healed but now the eczema appears again, on the right and left legs, especially in the lower calf near the ankles. there is also in the thigh. r nhow do I heal it? and how to prevent the eczema from recurring again? Can it get water or not? when taking a shower, can the excretion be splashed with water or can it be kept out of the water? the problem is when it’s a bit dry, then when you hit the water, the eczema gets wet again. r n r nthank you.

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From the information you have conveyed, complaints of itching that you feel with complaints such as sores, redness, spreading to the legs or stomach and getting itchy at night, may be a scabies or a result of the Sarcoptes scabiei tick

This scabies is increasing in incidence and recurrence easily in the area of ​​the occupants, whether in the boarding area, crowded living quarters or infected by friends / relatives with the same complaint.

However, this condition needs to be confirmed directly by your family doctor or your skin specialist. If you have checked and treated with a dermatologist, then the treatment and recovery will require a longer recovery time, can range from 7-14 days, so if you have This complaint has not improved, you should return to the same doctor for evaluation and follow-up treatment.

If you are changing doctors in the near future, this can cause the treatment and evaluation to be performed is not optimal.

If this itchy complaint is accompanied by a wound in the related area, then this wound can be at risk of causing secondary infection, so that the wound becomes more watery and can even develop pus in the area.

For daily care, you are allowed to take a shower, however, you should immediately dry the wound area and treat the wound area with an antiseptic or medication prescribed by the doctor.

That is the information we can convey, also read scabies.


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