How To Cure Epilepsy.?

Illustration of How To Cure Epilepsy.?
Illustration: How To Cure Epilepsy.?

Hello. Based on the uploaded references about epilepsy, it looks like I have the first stage of epilepsy. Actually what can cause epilepsy, and how to cure it

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Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system that results in an irregular pattern of brain electrical activity. The symptoms that arise are very diverse, ranging from a blank stare, small movements that can not be controlled, seizures in one part, seizures, and so on. Keep in mind that although epilepsy can cause seizures, epilepsy and seizures are two different things, because seizures can also be caused by other diseases, such as electrolyte disturbances, strokes, tetanus, and others.

The cause of epilepsy is largely unknown, but several causes that can be identified are:

Genetic factors (hereditary)
Head injury
Head tumor
Central nervous system infections

Therefore, a diagnosis is not only based on symptoms felt by the patient, but also accompanied by physical examination, and additional examinations, such as CT scan, EEG, MRI, laboratory blood tests, and others. Although you experience some symptoms that resemble the symptoms of epilepsy, not necessarily you have epilepsy, because there are several diseases that have similar / similar symptoms.

Epilepsy is one of the diseases that can not be completely cured, but patients with epilepsy can take several types of drugs to control and reduce the symptoms that arise, such as anticonvulsive / anti-seizure medications, muscle relaxants, and others. In addition, depending on the condition of the disease, operative action can also be taken. Because it is not an over-the-counter drug, both drugs and operative measures are recommended to be decided upon the recommendation of a neurologist.

If you experience symptoms that often occur, or do not improve with rest or by engaging in a healthy lifestyle, consult a general practitioner or neurologist.

You can also read other articles about epilepsy.

So, hopefully you can help.

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