How To Cure Lump Behind Ear Piercing?

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mualaikum. I want to ask behind my ear there is a lump from a piercing. And it’s been many years. The older it’s getting bigger. And it’s very hard when you hold it, it feels like itching. And the wound bleeds quickly if I scratch it. After it’s already itchy, it doesn’t feel really itchy. How can I cure it so that my ears are normal again. Do I need surgery??

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Bumps from piercings may be caused by several conditions, namely:

Keloids, a kind of overgrowth of tissue in scars
Abscess, begins with an infection and then forms a collection of pus

If it does not cause complaints, which means a small lump from the piercing does not require special treatment. However, if the lump is getting bigger, itchy, and painful, it is best to see a doctor immediately so that treatment can be determined. Most cases of infection are treated first with antibiotics. If it is judged to be ineffective, it is recommended that minor surgery be performed. Minor surgery may also be indicated in cases of keloids, although there are alternatives such as injection of medication into the lump. To reduce pain and itching at this time do a cold compress on the lump. Also avoid scratching or squeezing the lump because it can cause infection.

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