How To Deal With 1 Year Old Children Having Difficulty Eating?

Illustration of How To Deal With 1 Year Old Children Having Difficulty Eating?
Illustration: How To Deal With 1 Year Old Children Having Difficulty Eating?

My son is 14 months old and he has difficulty eating, even if he eats only a few bribes and then stops, he still drinks milk. Should you add milk to meet the nutritional needs? Thank you

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Hi Sarah,

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Need to be clarified, how long has it really been difficult to eat this baby you experienced? How is your weight and height now? Are there other complaints that have arisen?

Difficult eating in infants is most often caused by improper way of eating, for example if you often force him to eat, give him a less varied diet, feed him at irregular hours, give him too much snacks, or get him used to eating while playing gadgets and walking- Street. It is difficult to eat this, if it occurs only occasionally, often it is not dangerous and does not require special management. If he still wants to drink a lot of milk, just give him more milk, while also improving the way you feed him, for example:

Create a regular baby eating schedule every day
Feed the baby the portion that suits his age needs (at 14 months, the baby's food portion generally ranges from 1/2 to 1 bowl (150 to 250 mL) at one meal
Feed the baby a varied menu, both in taste and in shape
Don't overdo the flavoring, sugar, and salt in baby food
Do not also get the baby used to eating instant food and preservatives
Make sure the food you give to the baby is thoroughly processed and thoroughly cooked
In between meals, do not give the baby an excessive snack, except water
Don't make it a habit to eat babies while playing, walking, and using gadgets
Teach babies to eat alone as early as possible, while accompanied by adults of course
Create a pleasant dining atmosphere, no need to force it, let alone punish it when you don't want to eat
Encourage the baby to be active and active so that he can feel hungry easily
No stress
It's OK to give your baby milk to meet its nutritional needs. However, the selection of the right type of milk in infants should ideally be done directly with a doctor's supervision. One or the other, improper supplementation of milk can actually make your baby experience vomiting and diarrhea, so that his appetite will decrease.
Control your baby's regular growth and development at the doctor or pediatrician

With the above efforts, difficult to eat in infants can often be overcome within 1-4 weeks. However, if it is difficult to eat that your baby is experiencing prolonged (for months or more), causing impaired nutritional status, or also cause the baby to experience vomiting, fever, bowel disorders, colic, and other complaints, you should check your baby directly to doctor or pediatrician. It is feared that the difficulty in eating indicates that there is a disease, for example dyspepsia, intestinal inflammation, intestinal obstruction, digestive infections, canker sores, immune disorders, allergies or food intolerance, chronic infections in other organ systems, metabolic disorders, and so on. Through a direct doctor's examination, sometimes also assisted with further examinations, such as x-rays, ultrasound, laboratories, and so on, often doctors have been able to give you the best treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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