How To Deal With A 3 Year Old Child Who Has Chickenpox?

Illustration of How To Deal With A 3 Year Old Child Who Has Chickenpox?
Illustration: How To Deal With A 3 Year Old Child Who Has Chickenpox?

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Chicken pox is caused by the varicella zooster virus which is easily transmitted from direct contact, saliva splashes or objects contaminated with the virus. The initial symptoms that are often complained of are fever, runny nose, body feeling unwell, lethargic, weakness and headache, then within a few days a reddish rash appears accompanied by small watery sores that appear from the chest, stomach to spread to the areas of the hands, feet and head. In young children, the symptoms are generally mild and the severity is not as severe as in adults. Often if the symptoms are mild, there will be no serious complications and the smallpox scars will go away on their own. It should be noted that, if a child has had chickenpox, he will be immune to the virus for life. So that the chance of the child to experience recurrent chickenpox is quite small.

Here I will answer your questions point by point:

1. To overcome chicken pox, it is often based on the condition of the child. Chicken pox is caused by a virus, so most children who suffer from this disease experience decreased immunity. Nutritional support is very important to support children's immunity. If the child has a fever, give a warm compress and consider giving a fever-reducing medication such as paracetamol if the body temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius. You don't need to worry as long as the symptoms are mild without any signs that point to serious complications, such as shortness of breath, seizures to impaired consciousness. For the time being, give the child time to rest and avoid playing outside because it has the potential to infect other people. Because this disease is related to the body's immunity, chickenpox can heal by itself as the child's immune system improves, so that the administration of antivirals is still controversial today. However, some studies suggest that antivirals are more useful if given in the early days of developing an infection in the body.

2. Children with chickenpox can be washed and there are no restrictions regarding this. Bathing aims to rid the body of germs that can aggravate the child's condition. It is necessary to pay attention to bathe the child gently using warm or plain water so that the water ripples do not break

3. There is no taboo for children suffering from chickenpox. Nutritious and balanced nutrition is important to support children's immunity

4. Chickenpox scars will disappear on their own without causing scars over time, if no serious symptoms are found. Grated corn and other herbal / alternative medicines have not been scientifically proven to get rid of chicken pox scars

5. To help relieve itching due to smallpox, a cold compress, salicylic powder, lotion containing calamine or other menthol can be given and antihistamines can be considered. What needs to be considered is to prevent scratching which can lead to bacterial infection

For prevention efforts, smallpox immunization is highly recommended. Besides that, maintaining personal hygiene and getting used to washing hands are very important to do. That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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