How To Deal With A Drop In Intestine

Illustration of How To Deal With A Drop In Intestine
Illustration: How To Deal With A Drop In Intestine

Doc from my sister’s night, my intestines descended swollen like a small coconut

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The presence of bowel complaints felt by your younger sister should be given more detailed information, relating to complaints, the location of the intestine dropped and previous history. Whenever the information you submit comes in the form of a bowel, and complaints of pain, in general, this condition is likely to be a hernia, a condition where a protrusion of an organ that should not be in the area occurs. This condition is often referred to as being veiled in men. The event that is often found in cases of hernias is a corner in the groin area or in the testicular area.

In the case of hernias, complaints that are often felt are bumps that are not fair, can appear and disappear, or lumps do not want to disappear, a lump, bowel complaints. If the patient with a hernia is either in the groin area or the testicle pocket, accompanied by complaints of pain, then the condition can be a sign of danger in hernia patients. The danger signs here indicate that there is a possibility of intestinal twisting down and the risk of causing intestinal damage, infection and severe pain.

Therefore, if until now this intestinal complaints that have not returned, and complaints of pain are still there, then you should take your sister to the nearest hospital. The doctor will evaluate the complaints of pain and intestinal lumps that go down. An evaluation of the danger signs and risk of intestinal perforation or twisting will be confirmed. So if indeed the results of the examination indicate the presence of this danger sign, then the surgical procedure can be done to help prevent further complications, namely infection or peritonitis.

Peritonitis itself is a complication in a medical case, such as a hernia that is twisted and causes necrosis or damage to intestinal tissue. If the intestinal tissue is damaged, a hole or intestinal perforation will occur. If perforation occurs, then contamination of the abdominal cavity from intestinal contents can continue which causes peritonitis. This complication is usually accompanied by complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, stomach feels stiff, and fever.

Therefore, visit the nearest hospital, so that doctors can conduct further examinations and evaluations. It can also avoid unwanted risks and reduce pain complaints that your younger sibling might feel.

For now, avoid giving drugs without the instructions of the treating doctor, provide soft food and meet the needs of water.

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