How To Deal With A Hernia?

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Illustration: How To Deal With A Hernia?

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A hernia is a protrusion or discharge of parts of internal organs through weak muscle tissue. Muscles and human tissues are normally strong enough to hold the internal organs in the body so they do not cause the internal organs to appear sticking out of the skin. The weakness of the muscles cannot hold the internal organs and a hernia develops.

Hernia itself has several types depending on the location, namely:

Inguinal hernia, occurs when part of the intestine or fatty tissue in the abdominal cavity appears sticking out into the groin. Femoral hernia, occurs when a portion of the intestine or fatty tissue sticks out into the upper inner thigh, but is more common in women. Umbilic hernia, a hernia that occurs when a part of the intestine or fatty tissue sticks out into the abdominal wall near the navel, mostly occurs in babies because the umbilical wall has not closed completely. Incisional hernia, which occurs when tissue sticking out through an unhealed surgical scar on the abdomen. If the hernia that happened to your father is a hernia that causes the sticking of internal organs in the groin, it usually leads to an inguinal hernia. Ingunal hernia is a hernia or protrusion of internal organs (usually the intestines) that descends to the groin or groin so that it will look like a lump around the genitals (scrotum or testicles) due to weakness of the muscle part. This inguinal hernia is indeed more common in men than women.

At first you will see a lump in the groin that can go in and out, usually get better or come back when you are resting. but when you are in a long standing activity, for example, even more so when pushing, coughing, or when lifting heavily the lump will stick out again. And if left unchecked, the lump cannot be put back. If this lump cannot be put back, immediately see the nearest general surgeon.

If the hernia is left untreated, it can experience a serious and threatening condition, this condition is when the intestine that comes out or sticks out is pinched, it can cause blockage or obstruction in the intestine and if left again it can cause the death of intestinal tissue, so it can increase the risk even more such as cutting. dead intestinal tissue. This condition is one of the surgical emergency conditions and requires immediate treatment to avoid further complications. Therefore, immediately consult your father to the doctor at the nearest emergency room if your father experiences:

Abdominal pain Pain in the lump Can not defecate, cannot pass gas or fart Can not eat, vomiting and severe nausea The lump becomes hot, and turns purple Before these complaints arise It is better to immediately consult your father's condition to return to the previous surgeon has been taking care of your father, to avoid more serious complications.

Weakness in this part of the muscle can indeed occur due to various factors as well as risk factors that can cause an inguinal hernia

Increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, for example when coughing hard, coughing for a long time not being treated, sneezing strong Lifting heavy weights Have a history of muscle weakness in areas prone to hernias or for example having a history of hernias before being overweight Occupational factors such as work that requires standing inside a long period of time or having to lift very heavy weights also increases the risk of getting an inguinal hernia. Hereditary factors Frequent straining during bowel movements and when urinating Your father has various risk factors that cause the appearance of these hernias, including a factor in his work that often lifts weight. Lifting heavy weights can increase the occurrence of the ingunal hernia again, but it can also cause the hernia in the operated part to recur. In addition, your father has a history of previous hernias that have been operated on, people who have a history of previous hernias will also increase the risk of the hernia coming back.

Handling of hernias can usually be done with surgical procedures or surgery. Apart from surgery, it is also necessary to change habits that can trigger the hernia to return, so that in addition to surgical handling, your father should:

Avoid lifting heavy weights, if it must be done slowly Avoid straining during bowel movements, consumption of foods containing high fiber will facilitate CHAPTER No straining when urinating, if you need to push when urinating, consult a urologist if you cough, treat it immediately cough symptoms Stop smoking to maintain an ideal body weight Here is more about: Two Ways Hernia Surgery Techniques

So many answers from us hopefully useful.

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