How To Deal With A Sore Stomach?

Illustration of How To Deal With A Sore Stomach?
Illustration: How To Deal With A Sore Stomach?

Good evening, my name is kaeka. Sorry to ask, last Sunday I passed out at the Bogor station around 5 in the afternoon. This is because half an hour earlier I ate level 5 nampol noodles and the day before I ate seblak with kobe level 10, at that time I was queuing for a train ticket for some reason suddenly my stomach started to hurt and hurt, my head suddenly felt dizzy and sweaty I ended up queuing while squatting until I was scolded in front of me for queuing while squatting. When it was my turn at the counter I topped up the train card, after that I turned my body and suddenly fainted on the spot. After that, my body was really weak and I didn’t move it until around 6 o’clock in the afternoon I was really conscious after being examined and taken to a local clinic then given oxygen and compressed my stomach. After that incident I ate fried rice that night, I felt my stomach was getting sore even though I ordered it which was not spicy then I went back and forth to the bathroom, after that the next morning I vomited again in the afternoon, it was painful, when I ate white rice for breakfast Kemidian I compressed many times at the office and it was pretty good. At night I ate porridge and this morning I felt better. However, yesterday afternoon I felt a fever and a great sense of crying as well as this afternoon, plus I felt dizzy. But I eat porridge, thank God, I have a delicious body and stomach, but at noon I eat Padang rice and now I feel sore again. I asked what kind of pain I was suffering from, right? Even rice, the stomach can hurt like this. thank you

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Hello Kaeka,

Foods that are too spicy, too oily, and caffeinated drinks can cause stomach upset, dyspepsia or the common language is stomach ulcers. Not everyone experiences stomach pain after eating spicy food. People who previously had gastric disorders such as peptic ulcers, duodenal ulcers, may experience abdominal pain and intense discomfort when consuming the foods mentioned above.

Right now, the possibility that you are experiencing is a stomach ulcer, although the possibility of a disease that causes other stomach pain cannot be excluded before doing a direct examination. You should see a doctor so that the doctor can do more detailed questions and answers, a physical examination, and then you will get the appropriate treatment.

While taking medication from a doctor, you can:

Meanwhile limit / avoid eating spicy, acidic, soft drinks, drinks and caffeinated foods (chocolate, coffee, tea)
Eat small amounts of food more often, compared to eating a lot at once. Chew food well, or eat foods that are easy to digest in the meantime.
Drink lots of water, get enough fiber
Manage stress and get enough rest
Do not lie down immediately after eating

Read more can be read at Ulcer Pain


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