How To Deal With A Yellow Baby?

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I’m 22 months old.. it’s been more than 2 months now my eyes are yellow.. I checked more for bilirubin and it turned out 5..what is a good bilirubin medicine for children?? And what foods should be avoided???

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Hello Kholis Bacaman,

Jaundice (in medical language called jaundice) is a condition that is quite often found in the early ages since birth. There are 2 possible causes of jaundice in babies, firstly a physiological condition/normal process that is harmless and can disappear without the need for medical treatment, and the second can indicate a disease that requires special care and treatment. Some of the causes of jaundice at the age of 2 months include:

breastfeeding jaundice, due to insufficient intake of breast milk breastmilk jaundice, which is yellow caused by components in breast milk, is not dangerous and is not a reason to stop breastfeeding because it will improve by itself premature birth abnormalities of blood cell components, for example incompatibility between the child's and mother's blood types severe infection, usually accompanied by fever, impaired function or structure of the liver and bile ducts Galactosemia (cannot digest galactose) Hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormone production) There is a source of bleeding To find out whether there is a disease behind jaundice, not only seen from supporting examinations such as blood levels not only bilirubin, but also must be traced from a direct examination by a doctor to obtain more detailed information from parents as well as a physical examination. Therefore, it is advisable to consult further with the pediatrician who handles it because of course he can consider laboratory results with your baby's clinical condition, so that appropriate treatment can be given. The doctor may also suggest performing additional examinations such as peripheral blood cell analysis or ultrasound if indicated. In general, babies who need to get treatment if the total bilirubin level reaches > 18 mg/dL, in the form of phototherapy or blue light.

In the meantime, try to give breast milk more often to the baby (no need to rely on the clock but follow the baby's wishes) and make sure the mother consumes nutritious foods on a regular basis and drinks enough water. There are no special taboos for mothers, other than avoiding foods that are high in preservatives/artificial flavors or other chemicals.

Be aware of the danger signs of jaundice such as high fever, convulsions, rapid/shortness of breath, pale stools, the baby looks lethargic and does not want to breastfeed. If there are these signs, do not delay to check the baby to the nearest service center.

You can read the related article: Recognize the causes of jaundice and how to treat it

I hope this information is helpful.

Regards, dr. Delvira

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