How To Deal With Acne On The Face And Neck?

Illustration of How To Deal With Acne On The Face And Neck?
Illustration: How To Deal With Acne On The Face And Neck?

Good afternoon, I have severe acne, my acne is on the neck, forehead, cheeks, my type of acne is a big cystic pimple “. Previously I had a consultation with a dermatologist, I was given 10,000 mg of vitamin A and Doxicor 50 and was given a cream. morning, evening. After a few months I became addicted to the given drug u0026amp; cream. If I don’t use it and drink my acne it will get more and worse, I wash my face twice a day with warm water, but the pimples keep growing. help .., Thank you

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Hello Handy,

Acne is a skin problem that is quite common. The growth of acne can be influenced by many factors such as excess oil, bacteria that cause acne, clogged pores, hormonal, genetic, cosmetic and skincare used, and stress. In cystic acne, the infection due to bacteria that causes acne is deeper than other types of acne.

Handling cystic acne is indeed more difficult and requires special handling by a dermatologist. Some treatments that may be given by doctors, for example, with oral antibiotics, isotretinoin, zinc, hormonal therapy, topical antibiotics, topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, dapsone, spironolactone, and additional measures if needed. Actions that can be done include chemical peels, mesotherapy, corticosteroid injections, laser therapy, and photodynamic therapy. The type of treatment will be adjusted to the patient's condition.

In your case, that doesn't mean you are addicted to drugs. Acne conditions that appear again when drugs and creams are stopped can be caused due to inappropriate drug stopping. Some medicines and doctor creams require a gradual decrease in dosage before discontinuing their use. Therefore it is very important to consult with the treating doctor if you want to stop using drugs or creams. It is not advisable to stop oral medication / oral medication without the doctor who treats it.

In addition, treated skin will certainly be in better condition than if it was not treated at all. If you really want to start stopping the doctor's treatment, I suggest that you consult again with the doctor who treats you so that they can be given the right and correct way.

We recommend that you continue to treat your skin with over-the-counter products even though you no longer have treatment with your doctor. Here are some tips you can do:

Starting to introduce skincare one by one Perform a patch test using the product on 1 part of the face for 1 week, if there is no negative reaction, continue using the product, but if a negative reaction occurs, stop using the product If you are still using a doctor's cream and want to switch or want to Mixing doctor's cream with free products, consult the doctor who gives the cream regarding the interaction of the free product you want to use with the doctor's cream content Use all hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic skincare products Make sure the skincare is free registered with BPOM and does not contain harmful ingredients Don't squeeze pimples Wash face a maximum of 2x with facial cleanser Wash your face do not need warm water, just use plain clean water Avoid wiping your face with a towel that has been used, as much as possible use a clean towel for the face Use sunscreen in the early evening Avoid touching your face before washing your hands Get used to healthy lifestyles Manage stress well Exercise regularly Sleep 7-8 hours / day Try not to get your helmet, hat, hair, cellphone on your face. The following articles relate to the topic of your question:

Stone acne

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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