How To Deal With Acne Outside The Vaginal Area?

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Illustration: How To Deal With Acne Outside The Vaginal Area? Bing

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Under normal conditions, there are no lumps on the surface on the outside of the vagina, so if there are lumps that are considered acne, acne is not only limited to the facial skin, acne can also appear in the neck, back, body and possibly the genital area. Because basically acne is a blockage of pores which eventually becomes inflamed.

Then the other considerations are genital warts, Bartholin's cysts, abscesses (ie the formation of a collection of pus), ulcers in the vagina, to the occurrence of enlarged blood vessels around the vagina. And don't forget to consider the presence of cancer, although it rarely occurs at a young age.

Jesika is advised to consult a dermatologist and gynecologist directly so that it can be ascertained what the lump is currently experiencing, to be able to determine for sure a medical condition the doctor needs to conduct a medical assessment consisting of interviews and examinations, several examinations such as blood tests, serology (serum examination for suspected disease) may be needed to find out what is the cause of the lump.

Some suggestions that you can try to do are

Maintain body hygiene by regularly bathing and changing underwear at least 2x a day, then if you sweat a lot it is recommended to take a shower and change clothes again, the vaginal area may be cleaned with vaginal cleaning products but not too often, and there is no need to get it too in one time
Soak in warm water
If you are sexually active, you should postpone it for a while, at least until the complaint improves or it has been confirmed by a doctor that sexual intercourse will not worsen the condition.

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