How To Deal With Acute Insomnia?

Illustration of How To Deal With Acute Insomnia?
Illustration: How To Deal With Acute Insomnia?

Good afternoon, I want to ask, how to deal with acute insomnia for the age of 26 years, if you can not sleep at night have been forced to remain unable to sleep, only tears come out because of pain even though the eyes are very tired but the body can not sleep, even if it is rarely once asleep, sleep after dawn, but even then if you already feel sleepy but if you can’t sleep all day, please help

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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes sufferers to have trouble falling asleep or not getting enough sleep even though they have enough time to sleep. Because not sleeping or not getting enough sleep causes the sufferer to experience a decrease in quality of life due to lack of concentration, impaired memory, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, irritability and risk of depression.
Many things can cause insomnia, which includes stress, depression, unhealthy lifestyles, the influence of certain drugs, old age and health problems (arthritis, asthma, cancer and others).
Some things you can do to be free from insomnia, namely:
1. Set a daily schedule by starting early morning activities (such as 04.00 WIB) and sleeping as soon as possible at night (like 20:00 WIB). That way you have slept for 8 hours every day.
2. Activity from morning to evening. Avoid sleep. If it is needed, enough to sleep for a maximum of 1 hour during the day.
3. Avoid consuming drinks that contain caffeine (tea and coffee) and alcohol.
4. Avoid eating too much (until satiety) in the afternoon.
5. Avoid eating high-calorie foods in the afternoon.
6. If the complaint has not improved, you should immediately consult with a psychiatrist so that psychotherapy and sleeping pills can be done. Sleeping pills should be under the supervision of a doctor and only for short-term administration.
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