How To Deal With Acute Otitis Media (AOM)?

Illustration of How To Deal With Acute Otitis Media (AOM)?
Illustration: How To Deal With Acute Otitis Media (AOM)?

I want to ask, yesterday I felt like I was going to have a cold, but before that my left ear was sick, I already went to an ENT doctor and my tlinga is sick OMA r n I think the tips are tips so that I can get well, what are the restrictions?

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AOM (acute otitis media) occurs when your middle ear, which is made up of the bones of your hearing and the Eustachian tube, is inflamed for less than 3 weeks. This inflammation can cause various complaints, ranging from ear pain, reduced hearing, fullness in the ears, fever, restlessness, and so on. This condition can cause the eardrum to eventually become damaged. When you reach this stage, the pain can be reduced, but your ears will secrete a lot and are abnormal (usually greenish yellow and smell bad).

The cause of the emergence of AOM is a bacterial infection. This infection usually spreads from the respiratory tract through the Eustachian tube which is connected to the throat. The cold you had before may be an early symptom of this infection.

Overcoming AOM can be done with a variety of procedures, some are sufficient by administering drugs, ear irrigation, and even surgery (if the eardrum has been torn). To determine which treatment is right for your condition, you should immediately go to an ENT specialist. It is the doctor who checks directly who knows the best treatment that needs to be done.

In order to help you deal with the complaints that you are currently feeling, you can temporarily do the following:

If you have a respiratory tract infection, treat it completely to the doctor. Take paracetamol first so that your ear pain gets better Avoid using any ear drops Avoid scratching your ears with any object Keep your ears dry Keep your body immune by eating healthy and nutritious foods Avoid exposure to substances that can trigger your allergies Hope this helps ...

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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