How To Deal With Allergies In Shrimp?

Illustration of How To Deal With Allergies In Shrimp?
Illustration: How To Deal With Allergies In Shrimp?

Morning, I want to ask, my child seems to have an allergy to this shrimp, but before he had consumed shrimp but was not allergic, but this morning I saw my child have red spots on his body and the last meal he ate shrimp, but he didn’t Don’t be fussy, do you want to drink, just usually he always chaps every day, but last night he was not chap. The question I got was: 1. Do I have to take my child to the doctor … ?? (said no need to be taken, right? no fuss or anything, just red only) 2. is my child not chapters because of this allergy … ?? Thank you ..

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Hello Esna Sirait, thank you for asking

Allergy is the body's reaction to a substance that is considered dangerous even though it is not. Substances that create allergies are also called allergens / allergens can be in the form of substances consumed or in contact with the body, such as: smoke, animal hair, pollen, insect bites, certain foods, cow's milk, certain drugs, and so on.

Allergic reactions generally do appear on several exposures after initial exposure, where during initial exposure the body will sensitize / recognize allergens (substances that cause allergies). These substances are recognized as substances that are not good for the body, so that antibodies are produced, so that in future allergen exposure, the antibodies will recognize the allergen (antigen) and then cause allergic reactions.

Then related to not having a baby's CHAPTER, some studies do mention food allergies (most often cow's milk allergy) can cause constipation (CHAPTER difficult) in children, but the causes of CHAPTER difficult is very diverse. Expand the provision of green vegetables and fruit such as papaya to help launch a child's bowel movement, and stop giving food that is suspected of causing allergies.

Generally allergic reactions will gradually disappear as allergens are processed and released by the body. However, if an allergic reaction has caused swelling (especially on the face), tightness, loss of consciousness, immediately bring your sister to the nearest health facility. Therapy for food allergic reactions is the administration of antihistamines (which are sold freely in pharmacies). You can also apply an ointment containing corticosteroids to the itchy and reddish areas (generally these ointments can be obtained by a doctor's prescription), or give a different containing menthol to relieve menthol. itchy. Things you can do at home are: avoid allergens that trigger allergies. If you suspect that shrimp is causing allergies, avoid shrimp consumption, meet the fluid needs of children and provide a multivitamin to increase children's endurance.

Read this link for tips on minimizing the risk of shrimp allergy to increase knowledge.

That's all our answer, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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