How To Deal With An 8 Month Old Baby Who Does Not Want To Breastfeed Directly?

Illustration of How To Deal With An 8 Month Old Baby Who Does Not Want To Breastfeed Directly?
Illustration: How To Deal With An 8 Month Old Baby Who Does Not Want To Breastfeed Directly?

Good afternoon, I am Riana the mother of my 8m3w baby girl. You see, doctor, for 8 months I gave my baby breastmilk and breastmilk, but the last 3 weeks my nipples were wounded until they bled, I still gave breast milk to my daughter but after she vomited since then she didn’t want to breastfeed directly. I gave Asip and my breast milk. However, after the nipples heal, my baby no longer wants to breastfeed directly, and my milk production is getting less, even though I have already milked it, and now I no longer have breast milk, while my breast milk supply will run out. What I want to ask, can I still give breast milk to my daughter? Can I still reproduce breastmilk? Please advise? If I still can, do I have to consult a lactation clinic?

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Hi Choiriana,

Thank you for asking

Nipple problems, including sore nipples, can be an obstacle to breastfeeding. If not handled properly, it is not impossible that the success of breastfeeding until the baby is 2 years old or older can be hampered.

A sore nipple can be treated in a number of ways, from natural home remedies to administering medication. When the nipple is still injured, breastfeeding can be a very painful process. It is not impossible that a baby bite when breastfeeding can cause the mother to become stressed, experience infection, and can also affect milk production. Therefore, the steps you took before were actually right, namely by expressing your breast milk to be fed to the baby through other media.

The problem is, with what media do you give expressed breast milk to your child? The use of media for breastfeeding that is not right is very risky to make the baby experience nipple confusion if done for a long time. This condition often occurs, for example, when you give your baby breastmilk using a heavy-flow pacifier. With the use of a powerful pacifier, the baby will no longer have to bother to suckle expressed milk because it will come out by itself due to the influence of gravity. The flow of milk from the breast that is not as hard as the teat can frustrate the baby so he is reluctant to breastfeed directly. This nipple confusion can also be experienced by babies who previously did not have problems breastfeeding.

Apart from the result of nipple confusion, your baby may not want to breastfeed directly due to other causes, such as the condition of the nipple that is not yet prime (for example because there are still scars), disturbances in the baby's mouth (for example due to thrush, yeast infection), and so on. .

A drastically reduced frequency of breastfeeding, coupled with irregular breastfeeding, stress, hormonal changes, fatigue, and various other factors can decrease your milk production. If you are experiencing this condition, you should really consult directly with a lactation consultant doctor at the nearest health facility. That way, doctors can teach children how to best handle your complaints.

In the meantime, we recommend that you try the following:

Keep expressing your breast milk regularly every 2 to 3 hours
Give your expressed breast milk to your baby using the right medium, for example a spoon, cup feeder, or a pacifier specially designed to prevent nipple confusion (a nipple that is airtight so it doesn't flow just because of gravity)
As often as possible, feed your baby straight from the breast, not waiting for him to be too hungry to become irritable and frustrated
Calm your mind, drink more, and eat nutritious foods to maintain the stability of milk production

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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