How To Deal With An Injury In A 3 Year Old Child After Slipping?

.. my brother has a child aged 3 years, he fell and slipped on his ankle, after he was massaged 4 times, he even bent his leg posture. Do you have to go to the hospital or clinic?

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Hello Nduii,

The injury or trauma to the body caused by an impact can cause several things depending on how strong the impact hit the body. Here are some things that can happen:

sprain, is an injury to the ligaments or connective tissue that connects bones or joints and strains when it hits the muscles. These two things are usually known as sprains. Dislocations or injuries to the joints that cause a shift from their normal position, can usually be seen from changes in the shape of the bones, difficult to move, and accompanied by fracture or fracture pain, namely injuries to the bones that cause loss of joints. between the bones. You can read the leg fracture article for more details

The doctor will ask about the cause and chronology of the injury process and perform a physical examination of the injured part. Furthermore, additional examinations will be carried out in the form of X-rays if necessary to ascertain the cause of your complaint. Treatment depending on the underlying cause can be in the form of drugs, dressings, to surgery.

This can be done to reduce the complaints you experience:

cold compress on the injured part eat painkillers (paracetamol) when a complaint arises Try to position the legs higher than the body while sleeping to rest the injured part

however, you must be vigilant in case of an injury that makes it difficult to move the leg, severe pain, swelling, and a hard lump. It's a good idea to visit the doctor immediately to get the right treatment. For the choice of a clinic or hospital, please choose according to your considerations, for example because of the distance factor, number of patients, etc.

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