How To Deal With And Care To Relieve Ear Pain?

Illustration of How To Deal With And Care To Relieve Ear Pain?
Illustration: How To Deal With And Care To Relieve Ear Pain?

I woke up in the middle of the night because my ears suddenly sounded crackling more and more inside so it continued to hurt, then there was no liquid but it didn’t come out and it felt very painful. I also feel like my ears are swollen. How to overcome it and what treatments to relieve pain at home?

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Hello Hanny Amourberry,

Pain in the ear or otalgia can be caused by some of the following disorders:

Otitis externa is caused by an external ear infection. The ear canal is red or there is a boil in the ear canal, the ear feels painful when pressed or pulled at the ear lobe. Fluid can appear in the ear canal.

Otitis media is caused by an infection of the middle ear. Accompanied by headaches, hearing loss, and discharge from the ear (usually pus-like and smelly)

An ear examination needs to be done to see the ear canal as well as the eardrum. If the examination is performed at an ENT specialist there are tools such as cameras that can be inserted into the ear and visualization appears on the screen. The doctor also needs to ask about the patient's previous medical history and the risk factors that cause infection. Treatment of ear infections include:

Ear toilet, clean the liquid or ear canal with a special fluid or with a cotton swab (done by a doctor)
Antibiotic ear drops
Prevent the ear from entering the water, avoid swimming for a while
Evaluate the condition of the eardrum after completion of treatment and also hearing function if there is a permanent hearing loss after the infection has healed

Further consultation regarding ear pain you can do with an ENT specialist. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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