How To Deal With Asymmetrical Lips?

Illustration of How To Deal With Asymmetrical Lips?
Illustration: How To Deal With Asymmetrical Lips?

Hello, Previously a few days ago my father’s eye was injured because of being exposed to broken ceramic. The next day the eyes were red and runny and also swollen. Then his face looks asymmetrical because the lips are tilted to the left. The doctor said the symptoms of a stroke were minor and had nothing to do with his injured eye. Finally, doctors recommend treatment for 5 days to get more accurate results about this disease. What I’m asking is, is this really a symptom of a mild stroke and has nothing to do with the eyes of my father who was previously injured? Is there any chance that my father’s face will heal / return like all? What treatments are effective besides therapy? What foods are taboo? And is it true that chewing gum often low sugar levels can help restore nerve “muscle?

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The presence of eye trauma complaints that cause bleeding due to ceramic fragments and the presence of asymmetrical lip complaints, may be two different conditions and trauma to the eye does not cause asymmetrical lips. So that the presence of lip symmetry is probably not caused by a stroke.
Regarding your question:
1. The presence of asymmetrical lips or left slanted lips is a possible symptom of a stroke, and is not related to trauma to the eye. However, the symptoms of this stroke need further examination by a doctor who treats your father or by a neurologist. Symptoms of impaired motion / muscle weakness on the other hand or leg area, speech disturbance, swallowing disorders, or weakened eyelid muscles can be a doctor's consideration for accompanying symptoms of stroke. The doctor will do a physical examination and plan a better investigation, such as a CT scan or MRI. The results of the examination will provide definitive diagnosis of stroke.
Other conditions can also cause the same complaints, such as facial nerve irritation / bell's palsy, or swelling of the lips. So that further examination and treatment is needed to control this condition.
2. If this condition is caused by stroke, the optimal recovery can be around 10%, while the minimum recovery is around 10%. So in general it can not be ascertained whether these complaints can recover properly. However, in cases of minor strokes, the possibility of recovery of patients can go well
3. For now, medical therapy and following a doctor's plan are recommended treatment steps. In addition, you should advise your father to control the psychological burden if present, control sleep well, and control other underlying diseases, such as high blood pressure, excess blood cholesterol, or diabetes.
4. Foods that need to be avoided are instant foods, foods that contain a lot of salt, fast food, coffee, or cholesterol foods. In addition, avoid foods according to the advice of the doctor who treats your father. This is likely related to other medical conditions that affect the risk of stroke
5. conducting exercises and rehabilitation as recommended by the treating doctor, is a positive step to help restore this condition. Chewing candy (but this should be more careful if your father has complaints of swallowing or speech disorders), doing a light massage, or compresses on the face and surrounding areas, is expected to help train the muscles around the face.
Thus the info we can convey.

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